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The vampires and mortals comprising the Community are a diverse and unique set of characters, each bringing to the table their own unique talents and responsibilities.

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King Jason & the Council of Elders

Christian Lafontaine
Rudy Graumann


Born in: Western India Birth year: 42BC Physical Age: 24
Member Status: Vampire, Council Elder, gift - Humility
Sire/Master: Lysander Known Offspring: Vincent, Joshua MacAaron

General Description
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 135 pounds
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Onyx
Additional Details:
Slender, willowy, and exceptionally graceful, with an alabaster complexion, blood-red lips, long, straight hair and the exotic looks of a high-priced fashion-model.
Antonia is easily ruffled when opposed, and is among the oldest and most powerful of the Community's Elders. She was born the illegitimate child of Marc Antony and a Roman slave, but raised among the ancestors of the Romani, and has an affinity for the free-spirited ways of the gypsy.

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Other Persons of Interest

Alex MacAaron
Amos Morgan
Catherine MacAaron
Charlotte Vinetti, Ph.D.
Colton Alexander Graves
Devon MacAaron
Carl Foster
Gale Carter, MD
Hope Chandler
Jonas Morgan
Joshua MacAaron
Lindsay Graumann
Lucien Labossiere
Max Davis
Mirissa Wellston
Natalie MacAaron
Summer Skye Renault
Tanya Davis
Trevor Curtis
Tyler Jenkins

Alex MacAaron

Born in: Washington State Birth year: 1945 Physical Age: 68, appears 28
Member Status: Mortal, Servant, adoptive son to Joshua MacAaron
Sire/Master: Joshua MacAaron Known Offspring: None

General Description
Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 pounds
Hair Color: Sandy Blond Eye Color: Aquamarine
Additional Details:
Slender young man with a boyish face, His hair is short and straight.
Alex was born deaf and mute, and was found at the age of 14 living wild on the streets. Joshua took the boy in and gave him his name and home. Alex loves Joshua with all the devotion of a true son.

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Haven's Realm Glossary

The Bargain
Blood Bond
The Brotherhood
The Community
The Council of Elders
Haven's Realm
The Sen Aesir
The Vow


A contract negotiated between Jason, seven of his closest and most powerful friends, and Higher Powers. It establishes Community Law, and gives loyal vampires certain protection in the event of an all-out supernatural war.

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