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Twilight Destiny The Darker Path

An unexpected visitor enters the Community!

Several of my readers have asked me for more information about my Vampire Community, everything from how to become a vampire, to the myriad intricacies of Haven's unique society. Believe it or not, the curious will approach me at book signings and ask such things as, "Are vampires real?", "Do you know any vampires?", and (my personal favorite), "Are you a vampire?" Okay. But as I considered the questions, I thought, how would you explain vampirism to someone who had never heard of vampires? What would be that person's reaction, if they have no predetermined expectations or prejudices? I feel certain, with all the popularity these misunderstood beings have enjoyed lately, that everyone on this planet has at least heard of them. So I decided to look elsewhere for my female role, and who better than the femme fatale from my first work, Lost Hopes.

This story begins on a distant planet. Kinda' strange for a vampire romance, isn't it? Well, bear with me a moment, while I explain. Ki'ara is the last of her line, a princess destined to become the empress of her planet, Bricia. I should mention at this point that Bricians are a highly developed and peaceful people with extraordinary mental capacity and talent. Ki'ara contains within herself powers she is only beginning to awaken to.

As a condition of her ascension, she must select a mate from the list of suitors her father has presented to her. One of her primary responsibilities is to produce enough heirs to strengthen the diminished Family line and ensure continued peace between the provinces of her world. Her problem? She doesn't like any of the men her father sent to her. She receives her crown and accepts the responsibility of the Realm, and is preparing reluctantly to announce her choice, when an alternate path makes itself known - an unusual storm with a vortex unlike anything she had ever seen. She chooses this path, not knowing where it will lead but certain that her father's path is the wrong one to take.

She finds herself suddenly in the sitting room of an ancient manor, and in the presence of Colton Graves. His handsome appearance is enough to take her breath away, but the power of his mind is formidable. The moment she opens her mind to him to learn his language, as is the custom of her race whenever meeting a new people for the first time, she is instantly overwhelmed by the strength and conflicting emotions of his thoughts.

Colton resides north of Stone Ridge, an old colonial town in Massachusetts, in the same home he was born in nearly 300 years ago. He was brought across against his will and without understanding by the same vampire who slew his brother (I won't tell you who, but if you've read Twilight Destiny, you know him). He hates what he has become, loathes feeding so much that he puts it off as long as he can, until the dark hunger overrides his reason. His bitterness and inner rage is heightened by the fact that he cannot separate or control his passions. Now, suddenly and without warning, he is inflicted by a an unexpected and unusual visitor who seems to have equally unusual telepathic powers.

While they fight against the inexplicable attraction that quickly forms between them, Ki'ara struggles to reconcile her responsibility to the Realm with her desire for this off-worlder. How was she brought here? By who? Why? Why does Colton appear to be her soul-mate, when no Brician has ever successfully mated outside their own species? Her search for answers leads her into the arms of the Community, where the denizens of Haven give her a true glimpse of what a vampire can be, and at least part of the answer she has been seeking - what is she here to do?

Yes, she ends up a guest of Haven, and those who are knowledgeable know that's not an easy thing for a mortal to do without falling under their control. While there, she saves the life of a valued Community citizen, communes with Council members, and attempts aid to our beloved and ailing Jason.

Although this is a stand-alone novel by it's own right, it does bring back some of the characters my readers seem to love so well: Vincent, Joshua, Catherine, Antonia, and who could ever forget Trey?

   ~ Tamara Monteau

Review for The Darker Path:

4 out of 5 stars - Unexpected Storyline
by Rhonda Valverde, " and ThatsErotica com"

"Monteau took every expectation I had and turned it upside down. I enjoy her style of storytelling and her attention to detail."
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