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Twilight Destiny The Darker Path


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Twilight Destiny was originally published through in 2008. Its original form was registered with the Library of Congress under the title Dark Destiny in 2003. Since its release, my fans have consistently asked me for more information about Catherine and Joshua. Much to my surprise, the couple seems to have become the "Luke and Laura" of the Vampire Community. As each of my fans reads further, they name Twilight Destiny as their favorite. It may have something to do with the fact that this is the only truly tender romance in the series. I promise you will see much more of them in the future as the Haven's Realm saga unfolds.

What is it really like to be a vampire? There is so much information floating around the web and in books that you just can't make sense of it all. There are too many opinions, written by too many people who insist their version of the legend is correct. I guess it is safe to say there really is no right or wrong. It is, after all, based on legend.

So, what is a vampire, anyway? Is it a mindless, bloodsucking demon who preys on the innocent as they stalk the night? Are all vampires the same, or are there differences? Many self-proclaimed experts insist that there are, in fact, variations, or clans if you will, which encompass so many different theories that it's hard, sometimes, to keep them all straight. Movies and television shows paint ever-conflicting accounts of vampire culture.

Are all vampires evil? That is one of the questions this book addresses. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the basic rules of mentality apply to all creatures, be they living, dead, or somewhere in-between. Now suppose you, dear visitor, assuming you have a generally good nature at heart, were faced with the decision to become one of these infamous creatures. Would your transformation automatically make you an evil, mindless being? I really have a hard time believing that. Ok, much depends upon the conditions under which one actually joined the ranks of the undead. If one were, say, attacked by what I call a Rogue, then, yeah, they would probably end up a Rogue themselves. But the child of a civilized creature? Think about it.

Human beings have a tendency to fear those things they don't understand. I strongly believe that each individual has the right to be judged by his or her unique merits, and not classed into stereotypes based upon their appearance, background or heritage. That, I am certain, should include vampires. I guess it all boils down to a question of trust.

Enter Joshua MacAaron, a vampire whose mortal life began on the moors of Scotland in 1710. Deeply hurt by events in his distant past, he endeavors to exist in solitude, avoiding all but the most casual brushings with mortal beings whenever possible. He cannot risk his own betrayal and destruction at the hands of some tender mortal, so he decides he was destined to lead a life of solitude. It almost worked, until...

...Catherine (Katie) Mills crossed his path. From the moment he sees her, he becomes inexplicably drawn to her. The power of her innocence, her joy of life even under the difficult situation of her impoverishment, tugs at his heart with uncommon persistence. He watches her grow to young womanhood, compelled to protect her from harm, until at last he decides to introduce himself to her in the hopes that he can understand the strange power she has over him.

Since the day her father died, Katie had set aside all dreams save one - the desire to find a good job and provide a better life for herself and her mother. Romance was the farthest thing from her mind until the night she met Joshua. His extraordinary good looks and old-fashioned Scottish mannerisms attracted her like no other ever had. She agrees to date with him, and slowly develops a deep friendship and affection for this unusual stranger. On the night when she's ready to confess to him her love, she is brutally introduced to the truth of his existence. Her struggle to reconcile herself between her love and an uncontrollable, primitive terror nearly tears the two of them apart.

Twilight Destiny is the first in the Haven's Realm Saga. It is written as an introduction into the Vampire Community, introduces many of the prime players, and also outlines the basics of their culture. Those of you who have read this work will be delighted to know that many of the characters introduced here will have stories of their own to tell. There is Vincent, older brother-in-darkness to Joshua, who harbors a pain in his heart so deeply hidden that none but his closest friends know its cause, and no one speaks of it without incurring his considerable wrath. Jason, oldest vampire known (currently) by the Community, stricken during the time of this story by an unusual poison, will cling stubbornly to life for two more books before his story is finally resolved. Even Stephan, the consummate trouble-maker of the group, will get his turn at bat. They have all submitted their requests to me, and I have told them each to "take a number and go sit down." As for the others, I have no doubt they will get jealous and eventually make their wishes known. I have a lot of characters in mind, and plots percolate in my head like an overzealous coffee pot. Is it any wonder I don't sleep much at night?

Twilight Destiny is a sweet, tender romance with erotic elements, and written for the mature reader. I'm certain you will fall in love with Joshua and Catherine just as I did, and enjoy every word.

~ Tamara Monteau

Reviews for Twilight Destiny:

4 out of 5 stars - Wonderful Love Story
by Rhonda Valverde, " and ThatsErotica com"

"Joshua and Catherine are the central characters in this romantic story. I loved the two of them together. Their personalities are very similar, and they made sense as a couple...
Monteau wrote the perfect love story to fit her character's personalities. In the beginning it was a traditional courtship, and very innocent. The budding relationship was caring and sweet, and as it progressed it grew more passionate. "

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Sara Gundell,

"...if you are a fan of vampire-human romances, and if you love a fantasy-laden romance novel, then Twilight Destiny is definitely for you. It's got all the elements of a fantasy romance: the heroin who fights to be strong in a world of supernatural creatures, but still plays the damsel in distress from time to time. The immortal, conflicted hero - torn between his true nature and his love for a fragile human. The elements conspiring against the couple - constantly trying to tear their love apart. And the couple's nearly-epic battle to save their lives and their love. It's all there, and if that's what you enjoy in a good read - then I'd say, go for it. Pick up Twilight Destiny and may you enjoy every minute of it!"

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More Reader Feedback:

"Twilight Destiny was written several years ago and is just now being published. The author never saw the movie 'Twilight" nor the TV series "Moonlight" before her book was written. That being said, I found the book to be well written and one I could not put down until the very last page! It took me on a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows, from happy to sad to angry and back again. I am not an avid reader and really am not into romance novels, but this is definitely worth a read!! Everyone I have talked to that has read this book all say how good it is and that they're anxious for a sequel. Bravo Ms Monteau!!"
   ~ S. Garrison, Vancouver, WA

"I couldn't put it down."
   ~ Paul, Warner Robins, GA

"What an exciting book... I love the way you maintain the suspense... And this from a guy who is not into SciFi or Vampires."
   ~ Cliff, McDonough, GA

"Your characters are real and believable. Hurry up and publish the next one."
   ~ Pete, Florida

"I've read it four times already. One part really made me cry."
   ~ Christina, Warner Robins, GA

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