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Tamara Monteau - AuthorGreetings, devoted readers and curious visitors! My name is Tamara Monteau, and I have authored a series of stories I believe will hook you from the start. Those who have read my work told me they couldn't put them down, and are anxiously awaiting the new releases.

Now, first, a little about myself. I was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, amid the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest and my beloved Cascade Range. I miss swimming in the Columbia, walking the Pacific Coast beaches, and eating dungeness crab. After a few years serving in the Air Force, I settled down with my husband, Mike, in Middle Georgia. I have four children (the youngest still at home with his loud-mouthed and wimpy lab/chow), and one granddaughter. We also have two poodles. Shadow, Mike's dog, has an eating disorder and thinks used tissues are a food source. You have only to meet his gaze to know the lights are on, but no one's home. But he's lovable - his only redeeming characteristic. My toy, Katie, is fourteen and a half years old, mostly deaf, half blind, and hopelessly neurotic, but she loves me dearly and watches my every move.

Although I have a life-long love of the written word and often dabbled in the creative aspects of storytelling, I first started writing with serious intent in 1992, inspired, in part, by the Dan Curtis 1991 revival of Dark Shadows. As a life-long fan of that series, I found myself once again feeling sorry for Barnabus Collins, and wishing for a way to help my own vampire. Since, at the time, I'd never read about a vampire regaining his mortality, I thought it would be a cool trick. Between that time and now, I've read two and seen one on television, which just goes to show you that ideas can be similar and not be the same. I finished the manuscript and called it Lost Hopes, but never got around to registering it. I had it reviewed by a published author and learned I had a long way to go in perfecting my craft. The story still survives in its basic form, but the subplot and details have been severly rewritten to bring the Community more prominantly to the fore.

In 1993, the first concept for Twilight Destiny was born. At the time, I thought to develop a series of short stories for a romance magazine. As the story progressed, I learned of Haven and the Council of Elders, though the details were a bit sketchy. I was still too new to the Community, and Joshua wasn't in the mood to share. It was during this time that the basics of the Community were conceived, and Catherine's roll in Haven's future was secured in the conception of her child. I had planned quite an adventure for her in Haven, but had to put the story down in 1995 to focus on resettling my family in Georgia while my husband was stationed in Korea.

Things finally settled down for me in again 2002, and I resumed work on Joshua's as yet unfinished and untitled story. When I finished in 2003, I sent a copy of the manuscript to the Library of Congress under the title Dark Destiny. I played around with the story, primarily strengthening Catherine's character and making her less transparent. In 2008 a friend of mine found an on-line self-publisher, and launched the next step in my career. Because another vampire romance novel had been published under my chosen title in the interim, I chose Twilight Destiny. Self-publishing gave me the incentive to revisit Lost Hopes, which was published in 2009 as The Darker Path. Just when I thought I could take the saga no further, Ronan stepped forward, introduced himself, and my Dragon Lord was born. My third published work attracted the attention of John Austin, the host of the radio show The Book Club. I've done two interviews with him, and they're posted in this site.

My proudest moment came in 2011, when Secret Cravings Publishing accepted not only my latest, Haven's King, but all three of my earlier works. The official publishing process enabled me to enhance my earlier works to better tie the stories to the central theme, the vampires of the Community. It wasn't until I completed work on Haven's King that I understood fully the culture I had created, and having the ability to go back and strengthen the culture in the earlier stories really made the series shine. It was Beth Walker, my publisher, who coined the phrase Haven's Realm, and those two words instantly found themselves mentioned in the books. Imagine that.

To me, writing isn't a job I must do to survive. It is a living force inside me, prompting me onward and often replacing the world around me. Over time, my imaginary friends have become very real, and the love I feel for them is written in every line of Haven's Realm. I present them to you in hopes that you will come to love them every bit as much.

So come on in and look around! Five books in the Haven's Realm series are now available from Secret Cravings Publishing!

     ~ Tamara Monteau

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