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Twilight Destiny The Darker Path

Alex MacAaron, Mortal
Servant, adoptive son to Joshua MacAaron, Born in: Washington State
Age: 68, appears 28, Height: 5'7", Weight: 130 pounds, Hair: Sandy Blond, Eyes: Aquamarine
   Slender young man with a boyish face, His hair is short and straight.
   Alex was born deaf and mute, and was found at the age of 14 living wild on the streets. Joshua took the boy in and gave him his name and home. Alex loves Joshua with all the devotion of a true son.

Amos Morgan, Vampire
Savant, Born in: Ireland
Age: 41, Height: 6' 1", Weight: 145 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Seafoam Green
   Angular face, almost gaunt features.
   Amos is the older twin of Jonas, and served Carloman and the Brotherhood as an agent in Nova Scotia. Upon splitting with the Brotherhood and forming the Savant, Carloman named Amos as his second.

Antonia, Vampire
Council Elder, gift - Humility, Born in: Western India
Age: 24, Height: 5' 11", Weight: 135 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Onyx
   Slender, willowy, and exceptionally graceful, with an alabaster complexion, blood-red lips, long, straight hair and the exotic looks of a high-priced fashion-model.
   Antonia is easily ruffled when opposed, and is among the oldest and most powerful of the Community's Elders. She was born the illegitimate child of Marc Antony and a Roman slave, but raised among the ancestors of the Romani, and has an affinity for the free-spirited ways of the gypsy.

Bastian, Vampire
Council Elder, Head of the Enforcement League, gift - Diligence, Born in: Wallachia, Romania
Age: 18, Height: 5' 10", Weight: 137 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Hazel
   Shoulder-length, tightly curled hair, slender yet powerful.
   Bastian is both playfully irreverent and dangerously serious. His youthful appearance belies his great power. His diligence lends him unrivaled tenacity, especially in battle.

Carl Foster, Mortal
Servant of Joshua, Born in: Oregon City, OR
Age: 90, appears 40, Height: 5' 10, Weight: 156 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Gray
   Considered handsome in a rugged sense, lean and firm, with a strong sense of responsibility.
   Carl has been in Joshua's service for more than 50 years, serving as his attorney and financial manager. He now resides in Haven and sees to its financial concerns. His master's mate, Catherine, considers him her adoptive father.

Carloman, Vampire
Chancellor of the Savant, Born in: Southern France
Age: 22, Height: 6' 3", Weight: 155 pounds, Hair: Golden Brown, Eyes: Emerald Green
   His hair hangs in loose waves to his shoulders, he's trim and muscular, and holds the beautiful countenance of an angel.
   Carloman once led the European branch of the Brotherhood, and later split from Rudy to form the Savant. He has a tendancy to become the ultimate hardhead, especially when his desires are outside his reach.

Catherine MacAaron, Vampire
Community, mated to Joshua, Born in: Washington State
Age: 24, Height: 5'2", Weight: 105 pounds, Hair: Deep Brown, Eyes: Blue-Gray
   Petite young woman, slender and toned. Her hair is wavy and hangs to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her face and features resemble that of a china doll.
   Joined by Vow to Joshua, Catherine comes from a simple background. She has an uncanny capacity to love, trust, and give, and although she has associated herself to Joshua, she still retains a special kind of innocence she carries with her into immortality.

Charlotte Vinetti, Ph.D., Mortal
Genetic scientist, servant bedmate, Born in: Georgia
Age: 28, Height: 5' 5", Weight: 140 pounds, Hair: Dark Auburn, Eyes: Ice Blue
   Chari's hair hangs in a riot of curls to her shoulders. She prefers to wear it tied to the crown of her head, where it's out of the way. Her fashion of choice is a pair of comfortable scrubs.
   Chari is a doctor of genetics. Her research interest abruptly shifted when her best friend and part-time lover is taken before her eyes by a vampire. Determined to find a cure, she hunts specimens for study, inadvertently killing a civilized creature. Captured by the Community, she must reconcile her crimes and earn the Council's forgiveness.

Christian Lafontaine, Vampire
Council Elder, Born in: Bonchance, France
Age: 23, Height: 6' 0", Weight: 165 pounds, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Brown
   Blond hair, golden brown eyebrows, beard and eyes, and the lean, well muscled physique of a knight.
   Christian joined the Crusades in 1245, but found the practices of his contemporaries confusing and barbaric. He fled in 1251 and joined the Brotherhood as Gisella's child and mate, but lost his love to a Liberato attack a decade later. His gift of patience leaves him prone to sit back and watch events unfold rather than take rash action.

Colton Alexander Graves, Former Vampire
Crowned Prince of Bricia, Born in: Stone Ridge, MA
Age: 325, now appears 29, Height: 6' 2", Weight: 175 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Steel Gray
   Tall and slender, with black, wavy hair and eyes the cold gray of forged steel.
   Colton was turned against his will and led a reluctant and bitter existence in Stone Ridge, Massachusetts. Redeemed by his mate, Ki'ara, he is now living out his remaining mortal years on the planet Bricia.

Devon, Vampire
Council Elder - Deceased, Born in: Saxon, Britannia
Age: 45, Height: 5' 9", Weight: 152 pounds, Hair: Deep brown, Eyes: Light Blue
   Devon's dark hair was generously salted with silver gray. Deep kindness glowed in his faded blue eyes.
   Devon was among the original Elders to stand with Jason and establish the Bargain. His revolutionary attitude regarding basic human rights followed him into darkness. He was considered legendary among vampirekind, and has been described as a kind old man who only had everyone's best interests at heart.

Devon MacAaron, Damphere
Son of Joshua and Catherine, Born in: Haven
Age: 4, Height: 3' 1", Weight: 45 pounds, Hair: Dark Brown, Eyes: Blue Gray
   Like his twin sister, Natalie, Devon's youth masks an astonishing intellect.
   Devon is a mischievous little boy with astonishing mental powers, and in spite of his age, holds the maturity and understanding of a boy in his teens. He and his sister are being raised in Haven where they can be closely observed and carefully raised.

Gale Carter, MD, Mortal
Servant of the Community, Born in: Fulcrum, GA
Age: 107, appears 50, Height: 5' 10, Weight: 170 pounds, Hair: Black, Gray, Eyes: Blue
   Gale has aging features and kindness engraved in his every line. His hair is generously salted with gray.
   Gale has been with the Community for most of his adult life. He runs a clinic from his Fulcrum home.

Hope Chandler, Vampire
Dragon Queen, Community member, Born in: Virginia
Age: 24, Height: 5' 5", Weight: 115 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue
   Slender and athletic, with a heart-shaped face. Her hair falls to the small of her back in rich waves.
   As Tyler Jenkins, Hope was a field agent for Homeland Security. Now mated to Ronan, she is developing extraordinary abilities because of her photographic and creative mind.

Jason, Vampire
King of the Community, Born in: Ancient Greece
Age: 28, Height: 6' 1", Weight: 170 pounds, Hair: Medium Golden Brown, Eyes: Dark Brown
   Short hair rests in soft waves around his head, covering the tops of his ears and brushing the edge of his collar. Gently arched brows lead to a trim nose with a hint of a hook to give it strength. His casual demeanor and quirky sense of humor mask his inherent sense of responsibility.
   Originally born the rightful King of Iolcus, Jason was transformed into a vampire by Hera to further punish him for his ancient transgressions. Known in life as a wise and humane ruler, he carried his morality into darkness and rules the Community with equal wisdom.

Jonas Morgan, Vampire
Savant, Deceased, Born in: Ireland
Age: 41, Height: 6' 1", Weight: 145 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Seafoam Green
   Angular face, almost gaunt features.
   Amos is the younger twin of Jonas. When he learned of his brother's transformation, Amos begged Jonas to turn him as well, against Carloman's judgment. He had a critically deviant nature.

Joshua MacAaron, Vampire
Community, Born in: Scottish Moors
Age: 22, Height: 5'10", Weight: 147 pounds, Hair: Golden Brown, Eyes: Milk Chocolate
   His face is angular. Low, straight brows top his eyes, straight nose, sensuous lips, slight cleft in chin. His hair hangs just below his shoulders and has a slight wave. His eyes darken to hot cocoa when aroused.
   Joshua favors a solitary existence, but now resides in Haven with his wife, Catherine. He has an unusual connection to nature, prefers the quiet music of the night, but enjoys instrumentals, especially bagpipes. He is slow to anger and extremely gentle in nature.

Ki'ara, Mortal
Empress of Bricia, Mate to Colton, Born in: The Planet Bricia
Age: 25, Height: 5' 11, Weight: 145 pounds, Hair: Gold, Eyes: Blue
   Ki'ara has lightly tanned skin. Her golden hair hangs to her lower back in rich waves and is unusually fine and soft.
   Ki'ara is the Empress of the Planet Bricia. She was brought to Stone Ridge, Massachusetts, by a supernatural phenomenon, and spent a short time in Haven where she had a profound effect on some of its members. Possessed of incredible mental talents, she redeemed her mate, Colton, and returned with him to Bricia to resume her throne.

Lindsay Hornsby, Mortal
Love interest of Rudy, Born in: Felix, Colorado
Age: 51, Height: 5' 4", Weight: 135 pounds, Hair: Faded blonde, Eyes: Topaz blue
   Slender older woman, her hair shot with strands of silver.
   Lindsay fell in love with Rudy while in college, but their age difference hindered their affair. Thirty years later, she rejoins her lost love and becomes entangeld in the conflict between the Community and the Savant.

Lorenz, Damphere
Adoptive son of Carloman, Born in: Blackhawk, Iowa
Age: 7, Height: 3' 9", Weight: 86 pounds, Hair: Dark brown, Eyes: Seafoam Green
   Small boy with short, glossy hair and large, vacant eyes.
   Lorenz was born with severe autism, which holds his intelligent and inquisitive mind frustratingly captive both from himself and the world around him. He has been confined in his room most of his life because no one could reach beyond the barrier of his disability, and their lack of understanding inevitably lead Lorenz to violence that threatened all of Blackhawk.

Max Davis, Mortal
Carrington Police Officer, Born in: Carrington, GA
Age: 29, Height: 6' 2", Weight: 170 pounds, Hair: blond, Eyes: blue
   Sturdy, likeable man.
   Max and Mirissa served together with the Carrington Police as members of a new Special Victims Unit. When Rogues attacked his family, Jason took him into his confidence, and now he serves as the King's general.

Mirissa Wellston, Vampire
Queen of the Community, Born in: Atlanta, GA
Age: 24, Height: 5' 4", Weight: 120 pounds, Hair: Medium Auburn, Eyes: Jade Green
   Mirissa's most notible feature is her hair, which hangs well below her rump. She has an oval face.
   As a mortal, Mirissa possessed uncommon, though untapped, mental abilities and a guardian angel. Her gifts were attributed by Athena and the gods of Ancient Greece because of her uncommon courage. Now mated to Jason, she serves as the Queen, and uses her unique empathic abilities to read the hidden intents of those around her.

Natalie MacAaron, Damphere
Daughter of Joshua and Catherine, Born in: Haven
Age: 4, Height: 3', Weight: 32 pounds, Hair: Golden Brown, Eyes: Chocolate Brown
   Like her twin brother, Devon, Natalie's youth masks her astonishing intellect.
   Natalie is the more sensitive twin, and is uniquely adept at judging character. Like her brother, she possesses maturity and understanding beyond her years. She resides with her family in Haven, where she and her brother can be closely observed and carefully raised.

Ronan, Vampire
Dragon Lord, Council Elder, gift - Kindness, Born in: Prehistoric Earth
Age: 26, Height: 6' 3", Weight: 167 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue
   Tall, dark, and, well, handsome, with all the charisma of a Hollywood international spy.
   Ronan possesses the spirit of the father of all dragons, a powerful beast which he has struggled through the ages to control. He shared his burden with his mate, Hope, upon her turning, and now they serve the Community.

Rudy Graumann, Vampire
Council Elder, gift - Chastity, Born in: Lower Germania
Age: 56, Height: 5' 9", Weight: 148 pounds, Hair: Dark brown, Eyes: Muddy Hazel
   Dark hair holds the slightest touch of gray at the temples where the soft waves caressed the tips of his ears. His frame is lean and firm, radiating confidence and strength.
   Rudy lost his family during a Roman raid. Because his young daughter had been raped and killed in the attack, Rudy vowed none of his men would cause an innocent to suffer. He is mated to his fledgling bride, Lindsay.

Stephan, Vampire
Community member, former Liberato, Born in: unknown
Age: 22, Height: 5' 8", Weight: 145 pounds, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Lavander
   Short, curly blond hair and a perfect smile, giving him the appearance and attitude of God's gift to women.
   Stephan resides in Haven, where he serves as athorn in the side of the Council. Turned more than 300 years ago by a Liberato, he sought out the Community for unknown reasons.

Tanya Davis, Mortal
Wife of Max, Born in: Fulcrum, GA
Age: 25, Height: 5' 3", Weight: 136 pounds, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown
   Woman of average appearance.
   Tanya has been Mirissa's best friend ever since she and Max partnered up. She is playful and loving, but not very strong emotionally. Mirissa took her into confidence after transforming into a vampiress.

Trevor Curtis, Mortal
Servant of Ronan, Born in: unknown
Age: 56, appears 40, Height: 6', Weight: 155 pounds, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown
   Slender and agile, with a strong tendency to appear casual in the face of tension and adversity.
   Trevor works as the Assistant Director in charge of Field Operations for Homeland Security. Tyler's one-time boss uses his connections to serve Ronan's needs.

Trey, Vampire
Council Elder, gift - Mercy, Born in: Ivory Coast
Age: 35, Height: 7' 3", Weight: 300 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Black
   Trey is massively powerful - his entire bulk is comprised of heavy muscle, His skin is nearly as dark as his hair and eyes.
   Trey is a wellspring of mental energy. Although he's probably the meanest looking character on the face of the earth, his gift of mercy lends him a surprisingly caring heart. He is considered the most powerful of the Community's Council of Elders.

Tyler Jenkins, Mortal
Homeland Security Agent, Born in: Virginia
Age: 24, Height: 5' 5", Weight: 115 pounds, Hair: Black, Eyes: Blue
   Slender and athletic, with a heart-shaped face and full lips. Her hair falls to the small of her back in rich waves.
   Tyler Jenkins died at the hands of Savant Jonas Morgan after a treacherous adventure against Courleon's Consortium, and was brought across as Hope Chandler by her mate, Ronan.

Vincent, Vampire
Council Elder, gift - Charity, Born in: Constantinople
Age: 31, Height: 5' 11, Weight: 142 pounds, Hair: Deep Chestnut, Eyes: Sapphire Blue
   Tall and slender, with a sensitive face. His hair can best be described as a mane that falls to his shoulders in tight waves.
   Vincent possesses a deep pain not fully understood until recently, which made him the most silent and enigmatic member of the Council. Like his blood-brother, Joshua MacAaron, his feelings run deep, and has a tendency towards solitude whenever he finds himself overwhelmed.

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